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Reading and Math Intervention

Reading and Math Intervention

Housed in the HEDCO Clinic, the Center on Teaching and Learning (CTL) Assessment and Intervention Clinic offers group and individual tutoring services for school-age children (currently, kindergarten – 3rd grade) who are struggling in the areas of reading or math due to learning and attention difficulties and disabilities, including dyslexia and dyscalculia. Our trained, supervised undergraduate and graduate student-tutors work with clients to teach critical concepts and skills in reading and math, as defined by decades of research, including the National Reading Panel (2000), the National Research Council (2001), and the National Math Advisory Panel (2008).

Four principles guide our clinical work at the HEDCO Clinic:

(a) help close achievement gaps and prevent academic difficulty in reading and math for all students, but in particular for students with disabilities due to learning and attention issues, including dyslexia and dyscalculia

(b) use evidence from rigorous research conducted by CTL, our partners, and other UO faculty to inform the design and delivery of academic interventions provided to children

(c) use technology to engage and motivate students and improve instruction and data-based decision making

(d) share knowledge broadly with tutors, parents, and community members, to improve collective understanding

Four- and eight-week sessions are available each term for a fee, with a sliding scale available for those who demonstrate financial need.

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