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Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment Clinic

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photo: 2 people
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The HEDCO Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment (CDAC) clinic offers comprehensive diagnostic assessment for a range of learning, attention, and developmental disorders, including ADHD and specific learning disorders, such as dyslexia. Services are available to children (age 7 and over), adolescents, college students and adults.

Our assessment and diagnosis process is based on a strength-based, culturally responsive, and collaborative framework.  A comprehensive evaluation ensures the range of factors impacting attention and learning are assessed and integrated into a robust differential diagnosis process.  We pride ourselves in taking a whole person approach and seeing our clients as individuals in a larger context.

What can comprehensive diagnostic testing be useful for?

  • Diagnosing learning disorders, attention disorders and intellectual disabilities
  • Identifying cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses
  • Planning for and obtaining support services
  • Developing strength-based learning and work strategies
  • Obtaining accommodations in learning, work and testing environments
  • Providing a roadmap to next steps regarding accommodations and interventions

What should I expect? What safety steps are being taking during the pandemic?

The majority of the assessment process will take place virtually, as many of our assessment materials can be completed online and most meetings with our assessment clinicians can be conducted through a confidential telehealth process.  Some cognitive and academic testing is completed in person.  A large number of safety procedures have been put into place, including using larger rooms, masks, personal protective equipment and limiting the amount of face-time during these in-person assessment times.

Intake appointment: (virtual) This first session is conducted virtually and is an opportunity to meet with the clinician, discuss main concerns, gather some basic background information and go over the next steps in the assessment process.


  • Attention, behavioral and psychological self reports, completed online (virtual)
  • Clinical Interview with assessment clinician, completed via telehealth (virtual)
  • Cognitive and academic testing as needed (in-person)

Feedback Session: (virtual) In this session the clinician will go over results, diagnosis and recommendations in a collaborative, strength-based manner.  You will also be given a comprehensive written report that includes the results of the evaluation and recommendations for next steps regarding accommodations and interventions.

All services are provided by advanced doctoral students under the direct supervision of Karrie Walters, Phd., a licensed psychologist and director of the CDAC clinic.  The cost for the comprehensive LD/ADHD assessment services and recommendations is a one-time fee of $700 (to be raised to $750.00 on January of 2021). We currently do not accept insurance, but are working to do so in the future. Payments may be made by cash or credit card.

Please call with any questions, or to book an appointment today - 541-346-0923