Photo: Exterior of HEDCO building


Payments to the HEDCO Clinic

If you'd like to make a payment to your account at the HEDCO Clinic and the clinics within, please follow the directions below:

If you are a client at:

  • SLHC - Speech Language Hearing Center
  • CPC - Counseling Psychology Center
  • CFC - Child Family Center
  • CHR - Center for Healthy Relationships

Please select the "Client Fee Payment"

If you are a client at:

  • CDAC - Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment Center

please select the "CDAC Assessment Fee"


If you are paying with an HSA/FSA/HRA/MSA:

At this time we cannot accept these types of payments online.

Please call our front desk for a phone payment at 541-346-0923. We can accept payments of these kinds over the phone.

We request that you provide the following details when making a payment:

  • First name of the client
  • Last name of the client
  • Email address on the client's profile
  • Phone number on the client's profile
Make a payment