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HEDCO Clinic specialists offer evidence-based, family-focused assessments and treatment planning to insure that families are supported and children reach their full potential. The HEDCO Clinic team makes every effort to offer our services within the first 100 days of diagnosis, a critical transition period, to insure that children receive early intervention and advance developmentally and academically without delays We use team-based, interdisciplinary, and student-centered model of autism...
HEDCO Clinic has partnered with Eugene Speech Therapy to provide SPEAK OUT!® ​and LOUD Crowd® for people with Parkinson's Disease.
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The Gift of Communication

Fri, 09/22/2017 - 9:52am
Renee Stacey was diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia, a rare dementia that affects language and speech, in 2009. After most clinicians offered Renee little hope, HEDCO Clinic specialists and trainees have capitalized on technology and the dedication of family and friends to keep Renee connected. Select pieces of Renee Stacey's art hang in the front entrance of the HEDCO Clinic. Renee Stacey Biography Renee Stacey has lived in Eugene Oregon for 32 years. She was a teacher for many years...

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