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I don't know where to get started

Please contact us via phone at 541-346-0923 or email via our contact us page. Our staff are always ready and eager to talk with you, and will answer all your questions and point you in the right direction.

I'm a parent, how can you help me?

We specialize in educational and mental health care and support for parents and their families. Our strength is that we work as an interdisciplinary team, and so counselors are ready to talk with you about parenting stress, relationship strain, fatigue associated with navigating health care and educational services, parenting skills information, support groups, and more.

I want to become a new client, but who can I talk to about what services I might need?

You may contact our Clinic to talk with our Clinic staff. We are ready to talk about what challenges you are facing and what service options might best fit your needs. The different ways that you can contact us are located on the Contact Us page.

Do you offer support groups and skills groups?

We offer a diverse array of support and skills groups focused on mental health support, grief and loss, communication skills, and more. You may visit our Services page to view all opportunities.

Do you work with couples and families?

We work with couples, families, friendship groups, and all relationships that are important to you and your well-being. We work from a systems perspective, which means that we consider all of the relationships and contexts that may affect your health and quality of your relationships, including, for example, societal, cultural, family, and biological factors.

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