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HEDCO Clinic specialists offer evidence-based, family-focused assessments and treatment planning to insure that families are supported and children reach their full potential. The HEDCO Clinic team makes every effort to offer our services within the first 100 days of diagnosis, a critical transition period, to insure that children receive early intervention and advance developmentally and academically without delays

We use team-based, interdisciplinary, and student-centered model of autism evaluation and monitoring designed to create educational, social and emotional roadmaps that help children succeed in school, pre-k through college. We work as a large team to plan and coordinate an integrated assessment that may include the following specialty areas: academic testing (reading and math), social behavioral assessment, family interaction and parent support, cognitive and intellectual functioning, and social communication. Children and their families receive comprehensive assessment results that will help them and their educators set up programming that helps each child achieve their full potential. Our team also provides consultation and monitoring of assessment plans long-term. 

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