As of March 4th, 2024, the waitlist for the Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment Center (CDAC) has been CLOSED. For recommendations out in the community, please call 541-346-0923 or check out our Resources page.

Counseling Psychology Center


The Counseling Psychology Center (CPC) offers diagnostic and other mental health related assessments, brief interventions, and evidence-based psychotherapy for individual adults ages 18 and older. CPC providers typically blend Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches with Motivational Interviewing to enhance client engagement in between-session practice of skills discussed during session. Clients participate in one or more Intake sessions each lasting 80 minutes typically followed by weekly 50-­minute sessions; there is no firm limit on the total number of sessions a client can receive. Clients seeking support for select concerns (e.g., thriving with ADHD) may be offered brief interventions (typically 10 sessions or less, including the intake).

The CPC does not provide disability-related assessments (including those to establish the necessity of an emotional support animal), forensic assessments, custody evaluations, or court-mandated treatment.


Located on the University of Oregon campus
1655 Alder Street (17th and Alder)
HEDCO Education Building
Eugene, OR 97403