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We are educators, psychologists, therapists, and scientists working as a team to provide you with the highest quality evidence-based assessment and treatment behavioral health services in one location - the HEDCO Clinic. Our team is made up of generous, caring, and impressive student trainees, faculty, and researchers from our Departments in Special Education and Clinical Sciences and Counseling Psychology and Human Services. Our HEDCO Clinic team is proud to share that the Special Education and Clinical Sciences Department is ranked as the #3 Best Special Education Graduate Program in the United States. The College is ranked as the #5 Best Graduate School of Education Among Public Institutions in the United States. We want to share our care and expertise with you. We offer all services in English and counseling and some other services in Spanish and other languages. 

Let us work together for you. 

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Photo: Wendy Hadley

Wendy Hadley

HEDCO Clinic Director

photo: Tiffany Brown

Tiffany Brown

Clinic Director, Couples and Family Therapy Services

photo: Wendy Machalicek

Wendy Machalicek

Clinic Director, Autism Services

photo: McKay Sohlberg

McKay Sohlberg

Brain Injury and Cognition

photo: Jennifer Meyer

Jennifer Meyer

Clinic Director, Communication Services

photo: Nancy Nelson

Nancy Nelson

Academic and Learning Services